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Hello fellow human! I am a native Texan that grew up on a diet of science fiction, cyberpunk, world mythologies, fantasy, & cosmic horror. Out of this gumbo of goodness come occult characters & eerie landscapes. Through the creation of my otherworldly illustration I channel my thoughts about technology, symbols, and media consumption throughout human culture. The purpose of my work is to spark the viewer’s curiosity with the hidden symbolism of each image drawn from the history of literary fiction. My choice of medium includes traditional and digital tools like graphite, ink, watercolor, Procreate, and Illustrator. 

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Selected Bibliography


  • 2020 • Infected By Art Vol. 8

Selected Group Shows

  • 2019 • A-Rush Gaming Lounge Mural 
  • 2019 • Just Ink # 8 @ Hardy & Nance Studios
  • 2019 • Known Origin • DAO_saka •
  • 2019 • Known Origin • Auctionity • Creative Challenge
  • 2018 • 31 days of Inktober
  • 2018 • The Illustration Master Class
  • 2018 • The Black & White Show @ Hardy & Nance Studios